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Remote working - collaboration tools

At Talis we have a distributed team. We have people in multiple countries, in different timezones and supporting everyone is a problem we have to solve. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we go about communicating between the teams and ensuring everyone feels included.

Our latest Hackday focused on this - making it easier for remote workers to connect, not just with other remotees, but with their office-bound colleagues.

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Host everything for free! (almost)

12 December 2014

Working on a side project? Ready to launch but don’t have / don’t want to spend money on hosting it?

freeThere is certainly no shortage of tools to help you host, build and deploy your software, but most of it doesn’t come for free. If you’re working on your own project and need to integrate a bunch of different technologies it can become expensive quickly. I have a side project that has lots of moving parts and I thought it’d be a useful exercise to see if I could host, test, continuously deploy, monitor and log it for zero cost - here are my findings.

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