How to move commits from one branch to another with git rebase onto

You’ve branched off a branch. Unfortunately the original branch is not ready to be merged and you need to promote your branch to a first class citizen, branched off of master.

However, when you raise the pull request for the second branch, you get all the changes from the first! Of course it does - you’ve branched off a branch!

You could wait till the original branch is ready, but alternatively, you can use git rebase to help you.

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Promises Worth Keeping

08 March 2019

This post delves into some of the pitfalls encountered when working with JavaScript promises, suggests some improvements and looks at a brief glimpse of the future of asynchronous programming in JavaScript.

This was first presented at one of our internal tech team talks and encouraged our CTO to rethink the coding of our latest JavaScript project here at Talis.

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Useful bash scripts: awslookup

But we are hackers and hackers have black terminals with green font colors ~ John Nunemaker

This post is the first in a series on useful bash aliases and shell customisations that developers here at Talis use for their own personal productivity. In this post I introduce an alias I wrote called awslookup that allows me retrieve information about ec2 instances across multiple aws accounts.

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The Talis Approach To Code Reviews

Authors need editors to catch mistakes. It is human nature that one cannot adequately proof-read one’s own work. Authors of software need the same assistance as authors of novels to achieve the goals of the software organization. ~ Smarter Collaborator

As the statement above suggests, humans are not all that good at self-reviewing their work. It doesn’t matter if it’s written as code or plain English, a review by a peer will at the very least raise questions, but more than likely identify errors.

Before I dive into Talis’ approach to code reviews, I should first briefly introduce what a code review is, and why it’s beneficial in the development lifecycle.

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Centralising Operations with ChatOps

09 September 2016

At its core ChatOps means building tools that make it easier to operate your infrastructure via a Bot than via the Terminal … by placing tools directly in the middle of the conversation everyone is pairing all the time ~ Jesse Newland

ChatOps is all about conversation-driven development. The idea, put simply, is that team members interacting with each other in a chat room can issue commands that a bot listens to and is configured to execute. These commands can range from deploying code to retrieving logs to provisioning new services. ChatOps, in a very real sense, helps to integrate people, bots and tools together in an automated and transparent way.

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Join our team

12 August 2016

Our software helps universities and colleges connect teaching and learning in meaningful and productive ways. Over the last 3 years we’ve been doubling our revenue roughly every 10 months, with 100% customer renewal, so we’re growing fast. We are keen to hire great development talent, to help us scale out our enterprise software, to challenge our thinking and markets, to take ownership in the business and for you to find the home that meets your needs.

We are looking for senior and mid level developers as we grow this team, joining an established product team who look after our enterprise products, which have hundreds of thousands of users and millions of interactions per day.

Think Talis might be the right place for you? Check out the job description and apply here.

Want to know what it’s like to work at Talis? Read some blog posts written by our team members here:

p.s don’t wear a suit - Mark writes about the company culture here at Talis, particularly relaxed compared to his consultancy background. He explains why coffee is so important to the team and why he doesn’t feel tied to his desk all day.

Reasons not to intern at Talis - Camille explains why if corporate is your thing and you fear pinstripe withdrawal, then Talis isn’t for you. She recalls her first 6 months at Talis and why it’s all about rolling up your sleeves and having a go.

Making hot drinks and other internship cliches - Roman explains how the company culture at Talis helped him debunk the top 4 internship myths, and why he was involved in so much more than just making tea. During his work experience Roman enjoyed doing something meaningful, working closely within a team and learning lots of new skills.

How to use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with Heroku and AWS CloudFront

Earlier this year, Let’s Encrypt launched, first with a closed beta and more recently, a public beta.

This is fabulous news for all concerned (except, probably, for the SSL certificate issuers that charge $$).

Not only does Let’s Encrypt let you create an entire certificate from the command line, but it’s totally free. It’s now entirely possible to automate SSL certificate generation, so worrying about renewing your cert and having to sort it out after it’s already expired (who hasn’t been there?) could be a thing of the past.

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